Advanced instruction

For many pilots gliding is a nerve-racking experience! I can feel pretty confident about that statement because for several years, having gone solo, I felt the same! In learning how to beat my own apprehensions I gained an insight into how to help others build up confidence in their own flying.

The main areas of concern that I had, and I know other pilots have, included the following:

Of course it may be that you have no particular worries or fears and simply want to improve your overall flying standards.

Either way, if you are looking for further tuition I should be able to help you.

Bronze GFT

It is important that the Bronze C flying test is carried out to a thorough standard. Unfortunately it not always possible for pilots to get sufficient dual instruction in their own club and therefore I offer the facility for you to fly with me for training to the required standard. I can only sign the Bronze GFT form with the written agreement of your own CFI.

Cross country endorsement

The format that I find most beneficial to students involves a full day of my time and includes three briefings: These three briefings would be followed by a lunch break and an opportunity to plan the cross country task decided upon on for the day. When ready, we will fly the task as planned (possibly!) in a motor glider.

Whilst all of the above might sound quite daunting, don't forget that it's my job to work to your pace and ability and to make the whole exercise FUN.

Instructor work-up training

Congratulations on considering training to become an instructor! I fully recognise that you will be feeling a mixture of apprehension and exhileration but don't forget that teaching people to fly is both FUN and VERY REWARDING.

However it is not always possible to get sufficient dual flying in your own club to feel sufficiently confident to attend one of the BGA courses. I maintain close links with the BGA National Coaches in order to make sure that anybody prepared by me has the best chance of thoroughly enjoying their course and achieving a successful outcome.

Why fly with Bruno?