Welcome to Glidetrain - Bruno Brown's gliding information site.

I specialise in one-to-one tuition, teaching people to understand the way the glider works and therefore to feel more comfortable with their flying.

I joined the Royal Air Force in 1970 (as an aircraft engine technician!) and have been involved in gliding since 1972. I went solo in 1973 and became a gliding instructor in the early Eighties. I left the RAF on retirement in 1993 and became a professional instructor in 1994.

Over the years I have come to realise that most people cannot feel comfortable with flying unless they have a good understanding of what's going on and therefore I bias my training towards this end. This means that beginners find it much easier to develop their early solo flying and gives more experienced pilots the confidence to be able to handle their gliders in more testing circumstances, particularly those pilots about to embark on, or continue with instructor training.

Having got this far I would suggest that you are in one of two categories:

Either you are a beginner looking to understand more about gliding, or you are an experienced pilot looking for further tuition.

In order to learn more about general gliding instruction, please go to the "gliding instruction" link on the left.

For those of you looking to gain more advanced tuition including instructor work-up training, please click on the "advanced instruction" link on the left.